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org::_3pq::jgrapht::graph::DefaultListenableGraph Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::_3pq::jgrapht::graph::DefaultListenableGraph:

org::_3pq::jgrapht::graph::GraphDelegator org::_3pq::jgrapht::ListenableGraph org::_3pq::jgrapht::graph::AbstractGraph org::_3pq::jgrapht::Graph org::_3pq::jgrapht::Graph org::_3pq::jgrapht::Graph org::_3pq::jgrapht::demo::JGraphAdapterDemo::ListenableDirectedMultigraph org::_3pq::jgrapht::graph::ListenableDirectedGraph org::_3pq::jgrapht::graph::ListenableUndirectedGraph org::_3pq::jgrapht::graph::ListenableDirectedWeightedGraph org::_3pq::jgrapht::graph::ListenableUndirectedWeightedGraph

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Detailed Description

A graph backed by the the graph specified at the constructor, which can be listened by GraphListeners and by VertexSetListeners. Operations on this graph "pass through" to the to the backing graph. Any modification made to this graph or the backing graph is reflected by the other.

This graph does not pass the hashCode and equals operations through to the backing graph, but relies on Object's equals and hashCode methods.

Barak Naveh
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Jul 20, 2003

Definition at line 75 of file DefaultListenableGraph.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean addAllEdges (Collection edges)
boolean addAllVertices (Collection vertices)
boolean addEdge (Edge e)
Edge addEdge (Object sourceVertex, Object targetVertex)
void addGraphListener (GraphListener l)
boolean addVertex (Object v)
void addVertexSetListener (VertexSetListener l)
Object clone ()
boolean containsEdge (Object sourceVertex, Object targetVertex)
boolean containsEdge (Edge e)
boolean containsVertex (Object v)
 DefaultListenableGraph (Graph g, boolean reuseEvents)
 DefaultListenableGraph (Graph g)
int degreeOf (Object vertex)
Set edgeSet ()
List edgesOf (Object vertex)
List getAllEdges (Object sourceVertex, Object targetVertex)
Edge getEdge (Object sourceVertex, Object targetVertex)
EdgeFactory getEdgeFactory ()
List incomingEdgesOf (Object vertex)
int inDegreeOf (Object vertex)
boolean isReuseEvents ()
int outDegreeOf (Object vertex)
List outgoingEdgesOf (Object vertex)
List removeAllEdges (Object sourceVertex, Object targetVertex)
boolean removeAllEdges (Collection edges)
boolean removeAllVertices (Collection vertices)
boolean removeEdge (Edge e)
Edge removeEdge (Object sourceVertex, Object targetVertex)
void removeGraphListener (GraphListener l)
boolean removeVertex (Object v)
void removeVertexSetListener (VertexSetListener l)
void setReuseEvents (boolean reuseEvents)
String toString ()
Set vertexSet ()

Protected Member Functions

boolean assertVertexExist (Object v)
void fireEdgeAdded (Edge edge)
void fireEdgeRemoved (Edge edge)
void fireVertexAdded (Object vertex)
void fireVertexRemoved (Object vertex)
boolean removeAllEdges (Edge[] edges)
String toStringFromSets (Collection vertexSet, Collection edgeSet)

Private Member Functions

void addToListenerList (List list, EventListener l)
GraphEdgeChangeEvent createGraphEdgeChangeEvent (int eventType, Edge edge)
GraphVertexChangeEvent createGraphVertexChangeEvent (int eventType, Object vertex)

Private Attributes

ArrayList m_graphListeners = new ArrayList( )
FlyweightEdgeEvent m_reuseableEdgeEvent
FlyweightVertexEvent m_reuseableVertexEvent
boolean m_reuseEvents
ArrayList m_vertexSetListeners = new ArrayList( )

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = 3977575900898471984L


class  FlyweightEdgeEvent
class  FlyweightVertexEvent

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